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Celebrate your special event in beautiful atmosphere of Lemon Popsicles. Exquisite & creative cousine, friendly atmosphere and highly professional staff will make your special day beautiful & enjoyable. Pre-made menus for every occasion that should please many different palates or work with us to create your own menu.

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Lemon Popsicles - A Premium Caterers
Lemon Popsicles - Party Catering

Party Catering

Exquisite cuisine

Food is the heart of every event. We’ll make your day special by selecting only the best ingredients and turning them into magical dishes. Our service includes complete food preparation, beverages. and full service. Our team of experts has the expertise in making all the arrangements for guests. We cater for hog roasts, dinner parties, birthday parties, hen parties, corporate events such as launch parties and Christmas nights. We have been able to provide the customers with astounding party catering services. We have appointed a team of personal chefs, who utilize quality ingredients to prepare the most mouth watering cuisine for the guests. Besides, we assure that the food is prepared under extreme hygienic conditions. We put great efforts in ensuring that the day is happy for the host and the guests by offering our best catering. Different ages attract different theme and we offer menu as per as the choice of our customers.

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Outdoor Catering

Floral & Lightning

A marriage party, an evening in the garden or a ring ceremony or any other occasion fast food caterer offers catering services from starter to dessert, north Indian to south Indian, Chinese to continental. We have expert team of chefs for preparing North Indian to Continental foods, indian food caterers, chinese food, continental, italian food, rajasthani food, punjabi food, gujrati food caterers. Our all menu features are nutritious recipes- freshly made and elegantly catered to utmost client satisfaction. We explore all avenues of catering services to serve our clients. We cater to outdoor events such as corporate lunches, formal dinners and theme parties for our clientele. Special catering arrangements are made for Chartered Trains. Outdoor catering is the perfect way to host a casual event in just about any season but winter, depending on the area of the country in which you host the event. Outdoor catering is a term that can apply to any type of outdoor catering event, though some types of catering are more ideal for outdoor events, such as barbeque.

Lemon Popsicles - Outdoor Catering
Lemon Popsicles - Indoor Catering

Indoor Catering

Staff & equipment

Our professional design team will take your vision and turn it into reality. Custom floral, lightning and interior design according to your dreams will make your special event enjoyable and memorable. We provide all equipment in terms of tables, chairs, lightning equipment and effects and full floral services.

Corporate Event

Unique & Special

We offer complete catering solutions from concept to production, tailored to suit your brief, budget and location logistics. Show casing our ability exceptional event at any location, for all type of business and all kind of occasions. Fresh Food's Caterers built on providing professional and quality service at all corporate events. We have established our ability to cater to large scale events that will be the talk of the industry for years to come. Our team is experienced in Launch Events, Opening Parties and Meetings.

Lemon Popsicles - A Premium Caterers
Lemon Popsicles - A Premium Caterers


Food & Drinks

The dedicated team focuses purely on large scale events where experience and competency is crucial to its success. Our logistical team helps in the flawless functioning of such events, offering guests an experience of fresh food inimitable catering style and flair. Our major events team brings experience, originality and creativity as well as considerable technological and management resources to every event. Conference catering packages can also be delivered at your office as and when required. What makes us unique is our ability to provide you with innovative and suitable suggestions for your corporate catering requirements based on budget, location and logistical requirements.


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